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1, to ensure that users provide a good pre-sale and after-sales service for users before ordering to introduce product performance and use requirements, provide relevant information.
2, the user needs technical training, key users for quality tracking, user access, timely according to user needs to improve product performance, and continuously improve product quality.
3, received the user request to solve the problem in the use of the product notice, the company made an initial response within 1 hour, a major problem arrived at the scene 24 hours.
4, Equipment and products supporting key projects, to ensure delivery according to the contract requirements, the need for technical services will send professional and technical services personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guidance installation and commissioning work, until the normal operation of equipment.

Repair instructions

Except as provided in the contract, customers are required to bear the transportation cost on their own for the following cases:
1, not covered by the warranty.
2, non-Division I product itself, the need to return to the factory repackaged.
3, beyond the scope of the warranty, but after the application can be repaired free of charge.
4, within the scope of the warranty, but not negotiated with our company on the direct courier back to plant.